Simply put — I love, love

arizona photographer

Hey! I'm Niki

I am Wedding photographer/videographer based in Phoenix, AZ but will go wherever your story leads!
I have always sought anything creative which is why I love photography! I love I can capture the beautiful moments between you and your lover.
I cannot wait for you to receive your photos and view these stopped in time moments, forever.
I am a storyteller and I am here to tell your story

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This is Sean! He is my love, best friend and favorite person ever! If you book me, Sean is included! He works with me at EVERY Wedding!


Me and my honey just went to New York this summer and it was such an amazing experience! It's been a dream of mine to go to NY since I was a kid! Honestly, it's pretty sick that my photography takes me so many places! So on the real, if you've got a dream destination--you can count me in!

Bucket list: Europe, Alaska, Canada


I love most music and I love listening to new music all the time! I love basically all the Genres from Sinatra to Jonas Brothers to the 1975 to Luke Combs. You get it--I love it all! If you love music as well, then we'll be besties--if you have a song to recommend---PLEASE DO!!

Hot Genre of the moment: Country since Country Thunder in April

My current fave song: I Hate This by Tenille Arts

Random Facts

-I don't like coffee but I will always grab an Iced Vanilla Chai----depending on the day

-Dutch is better

-I'm a Gryffindor and my friends say I'm like Monica

-I cried watching the Office but I also cry when people make it through on the Voice

-I love my cats and I love dogs!